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Why Grovy?
Why Grovy?

We at Grovy are dedicated in offering turnkey solutions to our clients. Following are our specialties.

Flats, Apartments, Farm Houses & Bungalows:
We build properties for families, keeping in mind the minute of details. Keeping excellent infrastructure in mind we design projects equipped with all modern facilities, each of which has its own charm.
Commercial Complexes, Warehouses & Offices:
Our commercial properties are planned with modern amenities and spacious interiors to accommodate all goods and office equipment efficiently.
Retail Shopping Malls & Community Centres:
Shopping centres and community centres built by Grovy are marvellous pieces of art that are developed keeping in mind the shopping needs of today’s consumers.
Staff Quarters & Hostels:
These properties are suitable for office workers and college students. Apart from the aforementioned, we also master in developing other properties like Restaurants, Hotels, Food Courts, Banquet Halls and Auditoriums. With our professionalism, we wish to continue with our endeavours and offer the real estate industry projects that stand apart from the rest.